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 The story is about a monster that is made by doctor Frankestein and his assistant that is called Fritz. Doctor Frankenstein needs some legs, a body, arms...so, a skeleton and also the most important that is the brain to create it. Doctor Frankenstein has got a girlfriend that is called Elizabeth. She loves him but doctor Frankenstein doesn't love her. Doctor Frankenstein has got two problems that he has to solve: the monster and Elizabeth. The solution is that the monster is a copy of the doctor and Elizabeth has got a new boyfriend. Our opinion:We like the part that we participate (the songs), when Fritz speaks Japanese, when doctor Frankenstein opens Blai's brain (there is a chicken instead of a brain).. It's a funny play, the actors work very well and we participate a lot.

 The story is about a doctor and his assistant Fritz. His name is Henry Frankenstein. He makes a monster. He needs some parts of the body (arms, legs, hands...). He connects the energy with the body. He needs a brain! Doctor Frankenstein has got a girlfriend. Her name is Elizabeth. He has got two problems: the monster and Elizabeth. Our opinion is: We like the play because it is funny, we participate, is the best English play!

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